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Helpful Tips in the Kitchen
Do not marinate fish too long in lemon juice - it will cook the fish.

When boiling cabbage drop a few fennel seeds in the water. It will eliminate the odour.

When cooking with canned tomatoes/sauce/paste add a few sprinkles of sugar to take the acidity away.

Instead of butter or sour cream, add plain yogurt and fresh or dry mint to your mashed potatoes. It is healthier and will taste great.

Instead of using mayonnaise for tuna and chicken sandwiches, add plain yogurt and chopped green onions and/or sun dried tomatoes. It will taste great without the calories.

Add a few drops of lemon in water when cooking apples, avocados and artichokes - it will stop them from browning.

When boiling legumes, drain the water after 5 minutes and add more water to completely boil the legumes. This will stop the legumes forming gas and stop you from getting blotted.