"Siva brought to life the breath of northern Italian cuisine - so much more than pasta! I was impressed with her knowledge about Northern Italian cuisine and how easy it is to put combinations together as I am Italian myself. She also showed us how to modify traditional recipes to make them very healthy, without sacrificing any of the flavour." - Cathy Moro, Richmond Hill

"Indian cooking always seems so complicated but Siva showed us how to cook some traditional Indian dishes that I can use to impress my friends and family. And her knowledge of Indian spices and how to use them effectively is amazing." - Frank Heins, Toronto

"I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes three years ago and diabetes runs in my family and always need to pay very close attention to blood sugar and what we eat. It was wonderful to learn how to cook delicious healthier meals for the whole family with a chef who understands my needs." - Nazema Khan, Brampton

"This class was a Christmas gift from my friend and I am so happy about it. I now look forward to cooking with fish instead of being intimidated by it. Siva showed us some very simple and effective techniques to make elegant and creative dinners with fish as the centerpiece." - Adriana Dekla, Ottawa

"Soup nights will never be the same again, now knowing how simple it is to make healthier stocks without so much salt like the ones you get in the supermarket. Now knowing the basics I will make healthier, delicious soups in a snap - no more soup in a can in our house" - Tanya Wells, North York

"Being a single guy, I don't cook very much and do many take-outs. Since the class size is very small and intimate I was quite comfortable in the kitchen and learned a lot and met other people in my boat. I look forward to taking other classes and learning more." - Brian Singer, Toronto